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Video Guestbook
A fun & unique event guestbook
DVD Photo Slideshows
Hen? Event? Party? Wedding?
Nostalgic memories revisited
Montage Designs
Photo montages
Make use of those precious photos
Caricatures & Cartoons
Caricatures & Cartoons
Fun furniture for family, friends
Photo Restorations
Restore those old precious photos
Video Guestbook
The best thing you can have from an event or wedding are memories so why not try our alternative video guestbook. Our video booths replace traditional guestbooks by storing all your guests’ memories and wishes on video...

We transfer your VHS tapes and camcorder footage to DVD so that you can archive them forever Ideal for all those old memories whether it be family holidays, events, weddings, parties and much more...

DVD Photo Slideshow
We create DVD picture slideshows using several components: Themes, Music, Text Animations, Creativity. Ideal for parties, reunions, hen parties, weddings, birthdays or any other event...

Photo montages
We specialise in custom montage designs using your precious photographs
All designs are created, printed, stretched and framed on canvas

We create custom caricatures based on your photos.
All caricatures can be emailed to you or printed and stretched onto canvas

Photo enhancements
We restore and enhance your precious photos - whether they are faded, marked, stained or torn, we remove visible damage and aging effects and restore them to their original condition.